Resume Cover Letters – Really Necessary

Resume cover letters are not often listed as compulsory requirements when applying for a vacancy. You need to make it your default submission style. They would highly increase your chances.

What exactly is a resume cover letter?

Aside from your resume which lists your qualification, job experience etc, your resume cover letter markets you for THAT particular opportunity. Your letter sells you as a person well suited to fill the position because of your understanding of the requirements of the job and you relevant qualification and experience.

What Do You Need To Write A Real Resume Cover Letter?

Firstly, you MUST be sure to get all the intel you require to on the full requirements of the position you are applying for. That is, knowing the duties and functions of the person who fills the position sought. The importance of this can’t be over stressed since you would require to show how you are well suited to take up the task.

Next you require to do some research on the organization. It would help to know any current developments, products and or services especially as they affect the position you intend to apply for. When you get this intel, you are already thinking like you are employed and this would show in your discuss.

Many times we have referred to cover letters as sales letters. This is because your resume actually does just that – sell you to the company. You can’t achieve this just with your resume. Like the name suggests, it covers the resume, tying your many qualifications and experience to the specific needs of the job. When a recruitment officer goes through a good cover letter, they should look at your resume and understand clearly what value you can bring to the table.

Having said all these, it’s clear that a cover letter requires to be job specific. You can’t afford to have a generic letter for all your applications as this would lack the personal touch required to get you an interview invite.

After going through your letter, the recruitment officer should be impressed enough to want to meet with you. That is the only way to ensure you are invited for an interview.

You resume letter should contain the following:

1, Do everything you can to get the name, title and contact of the hiring manager. You may succeed to get this from the company’s human resource department. Try not to address the letter to “Whom It May Concern” or Dear Sir/Ma.

2, Excitement at an opportunity to be a part of the organization

3, How you can be useful to them.

4, Go through your contact details and ensure there are no errors.

5, Ask for an interview ( pass the impression that you have lot’s more to offer and be sure you have a lot more to offer ).

6, Close with a respectable greeting e’g “yours sincerely”.

Things To Steer Away From!

1, Don’t be desperate. You have something of value to offer so it is a business relationship and not a favor on their part.

2, Avoid being long winded. Short and precise letters make more impact.

3, Avoid unnecessary big words. Simplicity helps the message in your letter.

After you have prepared and attached a real resume cover letter to your resume, your chances of getting an interview and and finally the job is highly improved.

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The Pitfalls of Using Free Resume Cover Letters

You’ve seen them before – free resume cover letters that promise to make your job a lot easier and faster. They’re readily available, they offer you what you need and they don’t cost a dime, so what’s the harm?

The trouble with free resume cover letters

Well, for starters, free resume cover letters do not maintain the same quality as other resume cover letters. If you’re a job hunter who’s been in the job market for too long, you know the kind of pressure you face everyday. Not only are the number of potential employers shrinking, the number of potential rivals for a job position also increases. As more and more people discover the very same job you’re applying for, your chances of getting the job you want gets smaller and smaller.

That only makes using a resume cover letter extremely important. When you’re too stressed out and worried about the competition, there is a possibility that you’ll slip and produce a less than perfect resume cover letter, prime feed for the trash can or the paper shredding machine. That is not the kind of scenario you want. So why can’t you not use free resume cover letters?

They’re not all that bad, these free resume cover letters. Problem is, they’re also not that good. They will do, but only for jobs that you’re really not interested in or for those who have no other applicant other than you. Free cover letter samples are often not as excellently written and not as good as professionally prepared cover letter samples. In a job market where you’ll need all the help you could get, free resume cover letters are simply not good news at all.

Using free resume cover letters

Resume cover letters will say a great deal about you – they will inform your potential employer about your professional capabilities and give them a glimpse of what your personality is like.

Now let’s take a look at how you’ll use a free resume cover letter and see why it has ‘cheap’ written all over it. When you find a free resume cover letter, you’ll usually find one that is written with a general feel of what a resume cover letter should read like. You get the usual greetings, introductions, body of the letter and your closing statements.

Since this cover letter was published to help everyone from a nanny to a chief financial officer, you’ll have to change several elements in order to come up with a resume cover letter that seems tailored for your own particular qualifications. Now all you have to do is to mail it and hope for the best.

Problem is, once the hiring manager reads this so-called cover letter of yours, what will he see? A cover letter that looks so familiar he probably has read it before. In fact, he must have, considering that it must have been written using a free resume cover letter that has been available on the internet for the past five years.

Worse, it’s probably been seen and used by thousands of other job hunters before you, some of which may have sent their applications using the very same free resume cover letter that you yourself used! Imagine how badly that will reflect on you.

Avoid this type of pitfall that is so common among job hunters that it should have been outlawed by now. It’s hard enough to compete in a cutthroat job market. Actually ruining your chances with a badly written free resume cover letter is not just a mistake, it’s a crime.

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